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Keppy's Synthesizer

A MIDI driver for professional use,

forked from BASSMIDI Driver by Kode54.

Download the driver

Visit the "Releases" page at GitHub.

But before downloading it, please read the entire page.

What's so special about your driver, that makes it different from the others out there?

This driver has unique features, such as:

  • Automatic rendering recovery. The driver will always try to give you the best audio quality, no matter what MIDI you're trying to play.
  • Spartan user interface, no "fancy graphics" which can distract the user from the original purpose of the driver, and designed for people who aims for features more than for style.
  • The ability to use up to 4 cores/threads, to ensure each function is executed at its best. Each core hosts a vital part of the driver: The first thread hosts the settings loader, the debug info writer etcetera, the second hosts the MIDI event parser, the third hosts the audio render and the fourth hosts the ASIO driver (When using the ASIO angine).
  • Constant updates, to keep the driver fresh and always up-to-date to users requests.

It's meant for professional people who wants a lot of settings to change almost every behaviour of the program.

What do you mean by "for professional use"?

Certain functions in this driver are not suited for newbies or for people that don't know how to use programs well. 

Changing one single driver function could break the entire audio stream, and if you're not an advanced user, you could have troubles on getting it working again. 

My advice for such people is to download CoolSoft VirtualMIDISynth driver from there: Click me 
It's free, easy-to-use for newbies, and doesn't get updated every 1-2 nanoseconds. (Unlike mine)

System requirements

  • A dual-core CPU (Hyper-Threading) running at 1.0GHz (With MMX instruction set support)
  • 256MB of RAM
  • Windows Vista SP1 or greater (Server versions are supported too)
  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 and Microsoft Visual C++ 2013 (Install the 64-bit version too if you're using a 64-bit O.S.)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0

ASIO support details

Supported ASIO devices

  • ASIO4ALL (Almost everything works fine, but closing the MIDI app might get it stuck. Task Manager is required to terminate it.)
  • FL Studio ASIO (Almost everything works fine, but changing the buffer size from its control panel leads to a corrupted audio output. Restarting the app fixes the issue.)
  • USB Audio ASIO Driver (Works fine, but has more latency than local software ASIO drivers.)
  • FlexASIO (Almost everything works fine, except the pitch of the output isn't right.)

Unsupported ASIO devices

  • ASIO2WASAPI (Throws a BASS_ERROR_UNKNOWN exception)
  • Realtek ASIO (Throws a BASS_ERROR_UNKNOWN exception)
  • Voicemeeter Virtual ASIO (Throws a BASS_ERROR_UNKNOWN exception)

Untested ASIO devices

  • ASIO Digidesign Driver
  • ASIO Digidesign Driver Mbox2
  • Avid Mbox ASIO
  • Avid Mbox Mini ASIO
  • Avid Mbox Pro ASIO
  • Digital Design Dance Rack ASIO

WARNING: Since I can not test all the ASIO devices available on the market (Mainly because they're not cheap), if you have one, please... Test it with Keppy's Synthesizer, then send me an e-mail about it to [email protected].