About me

Riccardo Loi (born December 5th, 1999), mainly known by his alias, KaleidonKep99 (or Keppy), is an Italian programmer of the Black MIDI Team who develops SoundFonts and maintains comprehensive programs.

He has played the piano since he was 4 years old for nearly for ten years. He devoted himself to music from middle school until high school, after which he devoted himself to information technology (IT).

Contact me

Please AVOID using this form for support requests about Keppy's Synthesizer and Keppy's MIDI Converter.

You can create issues about them in their respective GitHub pages.

Keppy's Synthesizer: https://github.com/KaleidonKep99/Keppy-s-Synthesizer/issues
Keppy's MIDI Converter: https://github.com/KaleidonKep99/Keppys-MIDI-Converter/issues

My official e-mail address is [email protected].